MUZA K for confectionery .

MUZA K has an ergonomic design, all attention is focused on sweets and cakes.

The cooling system of useful volume of MUZA K – static, it provides storage of a product in the attractive form and proper quality. Thanks to the electronic controller operation of a show-window brings only advantage and pleasure, economy of time, maintenance of necessary temperature and thawing of the evaporator occurs in an automatic mode.

MUZA K is a great combination of price and quality.

In our store you can buy MUZA K 1,25 or MUZA K 1,5

The temperature in the useful volume is from + 4 to + 8 ° C
The mains voltage is 220 ± 22 V
Current frequency 50 ± 1 Hz

Net volume temperature from +4 до +8 °С
Voltage 220 ± 22 V
Frequency 50 ± 1 Hz

Model MUZA K
Net volume *, dm3 375 450
Drawer area, m3 0,95 1,05
Shelf area, m3 0,78 0,93
Max. product load **, kg 48 53
Net volume temperature, °С From +4 до +8
Voltage, V 220 ± 22
Frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
Cooling capacity, W 450 650
Max. input power, W 450 540
Max. operating current, A 5
Climatic class Indicated on label
Refrigerant Indicated on label
Energy consumption per day (at +22 °С) kW/h 4,3 5,6
Dimensions, mm
length 1330 1580
width 1115 1115
height 1400 1400
Weight, kg 160 185

* Net volume: Display area + storage stock compartment
** Max. total load in kg (including daily stock)

Static cooling.
Smart automatic defrosting of evaporator with tubular electric heating element.
Automatic evaporation of condensate after defrosting of showcase.
Compressor’s overheat automatic protection.
All glass panels at the showcase are tempered.
SEST (Italy) evaporator and condenser.
EMBRACO medium-temperature compressor.
Electronic controller.
See the list of standard colours of decorative panels.
Fixed front glass.


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