Breaking the refrigeration equipment can be a big problem and cause serious damage to your business. But, as practice has shown, this incident can turn out to be almost imperceptible – it all depends on the experts who you trust in repairs.

Professionalism and quality of repair is what distinguishes our service. In addition, you can always expect that the equipment will be repaired strictly, in accordance with the agreed terms, without any delay, that original materials and spare parts will be used from the manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and kegs.

A timely repair or restoration will return your equipment to service and even significantly extend its life.

Our company is part of the UBC Group trade and industrial holding company, which successfully operates in the field of

refrigeration and promotional products for more than 10 years.

Today, UBC retail is the leader in the market of repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We are not monopolists in this market, but, as practice has shown, our repair center is taking on such types of repairs and restorations with which other services, most often, can not cope. We do not have “staff turnover” and all service engineers and mechanics work for many years. Cooperating with our company, you can always be sure that the repair will be performed by top-level specialists, and in order to receive and with dignity to carry this title, we have to navigate in a huge flow of information, organize well-coordinated work of all divisions, improve technology, understand processes and trends in the equipment market.

We are doing all this to ensure that customers receive only the best service profitable and very quickly.

The company “UBC retail” is always ready to support you and help you get rid of technical problems.

Guarantee for refrigerated cabinets and coolers of beer and beverages – 2 years from the date of sale!